Stop celebrating mediocrity.

When I was a kid, everything I needed was a pen & paper to make my dreams become reality. 20 years later - nothing changed.

All I need to live out my dreams, desires and wishes is a canvas. But those canvases are coming in different shapes and forms nowadays. Paper, cars, walls and of course fashion...

But why fashion?

I stumbled into the fashion industry in 2018 and completly fell in love with it.

It all started in 2015 when my friend Matthias and I wanted to make our designs accessible for a wider range of people. Even back then we realized that the only way for a business (as well as a person) to leave a striking impression was to be radically different. Either way, sometimes by plan, sometimes by accident, we had stumbled upon what makes our brand (then called NINETYEIGHT) unique: the willingness to try stuff nobody else tries, in order to achieve results no one else achieves. ​IAMFK was finally founded in 2018 and from our first day onwards we relied on nothing but ourselves, sticking to our independent and different approach to fashion. From the design to  the production and in all of our side-projects you will find soley our creativity and effort, unbound by the restrictions of mainstream fashion. This freedom allowes our evergrowing team to continue pushing boundaries and explore new and exciting ideas.